PERFORMANCE PARKOUR AND FREERUNNING FOOTWEAR The Super Human Project -The Sapien was developed in collaboration with traceurs on 3 continents: Their input and suggestions have been instrumental in the development of the outsole pattern design, cushioning and compound combination of the final product. -Choosing an classic running shoe construction for the OLLO Sapien enabled us to experiment with a wide range of materials, laminates and compounds in the developmental process, ultimately fine tuning the Sapiens performance to meet or exceed our testers conflicting needs. · Superior traction. · Low price. · High durability. · Forefoot cushioning. · Low weight . · Forefoot tactility. · Support & protection . · Freedom of movement. · 0110/HIGH IMPACT EVA lasting for cushioning support. · OLLO pattern EVA footbed corresponds with TPU rollbar. · The quarter of the upper is constructed of airmesh to improve ventelation and reduce weight . · Synthetic suede reinforcements. · Hinged design in the forefoot high flex area. · Wider toe wrap is tapered and provides a tactile leading edge. · Impact absorbing midsole in topgrade EVA for the highest resilience. · 0110/HIGH GRIP special blend rubber provide outstanding grip. · OLLO’s outsole pattern is designed based on user feedback and feature grip optimizing bottom texture and pattern zones.

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